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Help Us Tie Dye 613,000 Pairs Of Tzitzit!
30,000 and Going Strong Baruch H'

Sponsor A Tie Dye Tzitzit Party:

428.jpgTieDyeTzitzit parties are able to be arranged for almost anywhere, including:

At the TieDyeTzitzit party, participants can also bring personal clothing items to TieDye (which is a nice option for girls who might attend, as they are exempt from the mitzva of Tzitzit).

To Sponsor a
Tie Dye Tzitzit Party or if you have any questions,

[ Eretz Yisroel 052-2600864 ]


Your fullest generosity will mean helping thousands of people fulfill this most important mitzva of Tzitzit.

Every $12 sponsors one pair of Tie Dye Tzitzit

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Donate Tie Dye Tzitzit To Help Protect Our IDF TzaHaL Soldiers



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