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Make Your Own Tie Dye Tzitzit Party

tdt433.jpgTieDyeTzitzit parties are done anywhere and everywhere, any time a group can get together. These parties are often done in schools and in other settings where the TieDye party is not the only thing going on such as:

Often the TieDyeTzitzit party is part of a fun day or evening with added entertainment. People can bring other personal clothes to Tie Dye also (this is good for girls who don’t generally wear Tzitzit, so they can make and have Tie Dye clothes, too).


Video: How To Make TieDyeTzitzit


For video of How to tie the Tzitzit strings on to the garment, Click Here, it is the middle video of the three

To Make Your Own Tie Dye Tzitzit Party or if you have any questions,

[ Eretz Yisroel 052-2600864 ]

Your fullest generosity will mean helping thousands of people
fulfill this most important mitzva of Tzitzit.

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td10.jpg         td12.jpg
                  Tie-Dyeing the Tzitzit                                      Already-Dyed Tzitzit Drying at the Party


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