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TieDyeTzitzit For Soldiers:

tzahal.jpgTieDyeTzitzit that are custom-designed for the Israeli soldier. It is something extremely important that you can do to help, no matter where you are in the world.

The Tzitzit are extremely comfortable, keeping them warm on a chilly night, they are a reminder for the soldiers that H-shem is protecting them and that they are messengers to protect the Land of Israel which G-d has given us.

So we see that Rashi zt"l points out (Bamidbar 15:39) that when you add the 8 strings plus the 5 knots to the gematria of "Tzitzit" (which is 600),

8 + 5 + 600 = 613, the number of mitzvos/mitzvot in the Torah.

tdtcm.jpgA kind friend wrote to share, about an experience early in the most recent war [ that never ended yet ], that she wanted to:

"...share an excerpt from a letter printed in Hamodiah Tuesday, July 15 [2014]. My neighbor’s husband, Rabbi Gottleib, has a relationship with many of these [Tzahal] soldiers, as he is highly involved in being mekarev them.

He is going down there (yes, to the Gaza border) where they are stationed today, to be mechazek them and to hand out tzitzis which, as you can imagine, most of them do not have.

The Rav of the army told him they need 20,000 pairs of tzitzis. I think he is bringing with him today 900 pairs.

But he needs many, many more!

These chayalim are happy to receive anything that will provide extra shemirah during this frightening time.

Bringing the soldiers tzitzis as a shemirah, has its source in the Zohar in our parsha of the tzitz [golden Headplate of the Kohen Gadol]. The Zohar says that the segulah of the Kohen Gadol wearing the tzitz is equal to the segulah of a plain Yid wearing tzitzis as they both share the same letters.

Now, if the merit of the tzitz can save us from thousands of airborne rockets from our enemies [y"sv], surely the merit of our tzitzis and brazenness can save us from the casualties of battle and bring to Am Yisrael a swift victory followed by the coming of our geulah as hinted in the word "tzitz" which is gematriah "kaytz". Gut Shabbos, Rav Brazil

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