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Educational Programs

Tie Dye Tzitzit works with Schools, Yeshivot, Youth, and Educational Institutions to teach about the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.  A week long program starts with a fun Tie Dye Tzitzit Party at the school where Tie Dye Tzitzit are colored.  The process calls for the dyed tzitzit to sit for 3-4 days and only then they are washed and dried.  During that week the students are taught, usually by their Rabbi, all about tzitzit and their halachot.  A week later, after the Tie Dye Tzitzit are washed and dried, there is a second session where the students learn how to tie the strings on their own tzitzit.  Tie Dye Tzitzit has successfully worked with dozens of Jewish Institutions to bring a fun and informative program that's often added to their yearly curriculum.