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Torah Letters for Life: Only Torah, Good Deeds and Mitzvos
Accompany A Person Upon Leaving This World
(Avos Ch. 6)

Write a Letter in a Sefer Torah, in memory of the Neshama of

HaRav Moshe ben HaRav Meshulom Dov ben R' Yaacov Yoel A"H

Moshe was a Man of Torah, a Teacher of Torah, a Lover of Torah and a Leader of Torah. May your letter and name in the Torah be an aliya, uplifting, for the soul of this Tzadik.

For less than six minutes of your time, you too can have a share in this tremendous mitzva.

Seize the moment . . . . and you too can have a share in this tremendous mitzva.

Very Important: Simply include your full name and email address within your email as well as your full Hebrew name, your father's full Hebrew name as well as
any other letters you wish to request:


and include your name, and
and the letter[s] you are requesting.

Special requests can be made, and are granted based on availability.

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May G*D bless you and your family, forever.

May we all see the shining light of Moshiach speedily in our times.

You will receive a confirmation of your Letter at your email address after the Letter is written.

Moshe died 24 Av, the goal is to complete the sefer Torah on 24 Av 5778.

We Thank You very much for your participation in this amazing worldwide project that declares the greatness and mercy of G*D towards His people, Israel.

With your help, we as a nation can continue to repair the world and ensure the values which enrich our community.

May G*D bless you, always.


    Please share with family and friends & help as many as possible share in this big mitzva:


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