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Mezuza Stop Sign Campaign

What does the Mezuza represent?

The Rambam says that "By the commandment of the mezuza, man is reminded of the unity of God and is aroused to the love of Him."

The Mezuza represents Peace (Shalom). There was a dispute among the Rabbis as to how the Mezuza should be hung, vertically or horizontally. Ashkenaz follows the view to hang the Mezuza at a slanted angle, while many Sephardim follow the view to hang it vertically. Due to the ravages of galus/exile, it is not uncommon to find Ashkenazim with a mezuza placed vertically and Sephardim with a mezuza placed at a slanted angle.

When one enters a house or room with a mezuza it is customary to kiss the mezuza or be aware of it. This is so that we will always be reminded of H-shem and to enter or leave with thoughts of Shalom (Peace), as this is the loftiest of all qualities.

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These "Mezuza Stop Signs" are meant to catch your eye as you enter a room, to be reminded to kiss the Mezuza, and embrace its message of Peace and Hashem's Unity.

Click Here to get a sheet of Mezuza Stop Signs (requires Adobe Acrobat reader).


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