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What is the Global Tie Dye Tzitzit Initiative?

Posted by Tie Dye Tzitzit Director Yitzchak Katzburg on

What is the Global Tie Dye Tzitzit Initiative?

The Global Tie Dye Tzitzit Initiative isn’t ready to be revealed yet.  But the roots of it can be easily understood.  And this understanding will spur the Global Tie Dye Tzitzit Initiative into action.  Because the expression is Tie Dye Tzitzit but the root is the energy that beats in the Youth of the Jewish Nation.

So what is Tie Dye Tzitzit?

Tie Dye Tzitzit is a Jewish Unity Project.  Officially.  But it’s really much more than that.  Tie Dye Tzitzit is Grassroots but it’s not a movement.  It is an energy, a mindset, a worldview, and a dream.  And it’s already the preeminent consciousness of the Jewish Nation. 

How did Tie Dye Tzitzit start?  No one person can take credit for it.   It came about thru a group project.  It started about ten years ago, at a Music Festival in Israel.  A group of friends had an idea and wanted to do something for the festival.  So they invited some more friends and they tie-dye colored tzitzit.  Another few friends took them and gave them out at the festival.  The first batch was 50 tzitzit.  And it caught on right away and people wanted more.  So funds were raised and more Tie Dye Tzitzit were made.  They were given out in Zion Square in Jerusalem on Thursday night at about 11 o’clock at night.  The busiest time of the week with the youth of the Israeli nation packing Town, enjoying the Jerusalem nightlife.  About 150-200 Tie Dye Tzitzit were given out every Thursday night with the condition that the one receiving the Tie Dye Tzitzit would wear it over their clothes for the rest of the night.  Suddenly you saw central Jerusalem filled with every type of Jew walking around wearing Tie Dye Tzitzit.  Tie Dye Tzitzit are widely popular with every kind of Jew, whatever their outward appearance.  It was now suddenly obvious to anyone who saw it, that we are all brothers, all from the same Nation.  Even now when someone who was part of Tie Dye Tzitzit, either by having one or by contributing to making them, sees another Jew wearing the colorful Tie Dye Tzitzit there is a spark of recognition and a feeling of connection is made between the two.

At the beginning of the Tie Dye Tzitzit Project no one was thinking of a Unity Project.   There was a demand for the cool, colorful Tzitzit and more were made.  It was only sometime after the Project started that people realized that the ones making the Tie Dye Tzitzit have an eternal part in the mitzvah of the one wearing them.  Their Souls are eternally connected.  This Tie Dye Tzitzit Project, it was suddenly realized, wasn’t about colorful Tzitzit.  It was a Unity Project.  A Web-of-Unity was being created among everybody who had any part in Tie Dye Tzitzit.  And no one thought of this at first.  This, the Tie Dye Tzitzit Unity Project, came about from Divine Inspiration thru a group project.  It still is a group project but it’s now grown to over 50,000 Tie Dye Tzitzit and tens of thousands more who have had a part in Project.

Understanding the popularity of Tie Dye Tzitzit amongst the youth of the Israeli Nation is essential to grasp the current that permeates thru the Jewish people in their optimal form.  This is rising up in our generation from within, and it is the primary drive within each person (after survival).  And that is to be Unique but United.  Every person wants to be an individual, to express their souls, and not to be told how to be.  Yet everyone wants to be United, living in a society with peace and togetherness.  Tie Dye Tzitzit embodies just that.  Each Tie Dye Tzitzit is handmade.  There are no two alike.  And the swirls, the colors, and patterns symbolize everyone’s personal individual path in life, and everybody’s unique talents and abilities.  But just as each Tie Dye Tzitzit is individual, they are all “Tie Dye Tzitzit.”  Our Nation is like that too.  We are all Individuals but we are all “Am Yisroel.”  One Nation.  United.

This is the energy that pulses thru the generation these days in the Jewish Nation.  People don’t just accept things at face value anymore.  They question them if they don’t sit well in the person’s core. People are searching for who they really are as individuals, and they strive to pursue that.  In previous times people were told who they are by their family and surrounding community. And there was a comfort in being in a familiar framework.  But now people don’t want to be told who they are.  People don’t want to be put into a box in this generation.   Not by their parents, nor schools, nor communities.  People are searching for themselves more than ever in this generation.  Yet the realization that just as You strive to be individual so too does everyone else.  No one else wants to be told who to be.  So there is a reflective respect between individuals striving to be unique.  Neither is pushing their beliefs on others.  They are both happy and encouraged to grow as unique people.  And they are happy that the other one is also unique as long as no one steps on another’s toes.  Unique.  United.  This is the essence of Shalom.  There are 12 Tribes in Israel.  There were 600,000 core Jewish souls who left Egypt and stood at Mount Sinai.  There are 600,000 letters in the Torah.  Each soul is connected to an individual letter in the Torah that is different from all other letters, as each letter is in another word, in another sentence, in another topic.  Yet we need all 12 Tribes for Peace, for Shalom.  If even one letter is missing from a Torah scroll it’s unsuitable for use.  This is the essence of Shalom.  Not that we are all of the same opinion.  That we all have our own opinion yet we respect the opinion of others as well.  This is the energy of Tie Dye Tzitzit.  Unique United

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