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I Haven’t Heard of an Attack in Weeks. Is Corona the Unifying Factor that has Laid Down Our Arms?

Posted by Tie Dye Tzitzit Director Yitzchak Katzburg on

I just realized it as I looked thru the news for the 6th time today.  Out of boredom as I #StayAtHome.  I haven’t heard of a battle or terrorist attack in weeks.  Before Corona it was regular to see daily news of attacks with huge numbers of dead.  20 here. 40 there.  We got used to it as so many people are trying to kill so many other people in so many places on earth.  The silence slipped past until I just realized it.

There is an interesting ambiance in the air while we go thru this Corona calamity together as a world.  There seems to be a lack of hate in the air.  There are no attacks or battles so anger causing violent deaths have ceased.  People are focused on staying safe, social distancing.  No one seems to be throwing hate at the virus.  Can you do that?  Will it do anything?  It’s a microbe.  I don’t think it gets offended easily. 

The next step that will be seen in the world as countries fight this invisible enemy will be soldiers in the streets as stronger measures will be taken to curb civilians from going outside for non-essential reasons.  The soldiers, trained to kill, will be put on life saving duty to, I’m sure, politely but firmly enforce compliance with government lockdowns.

While everyone worldwide is apprehensive as no one knows where this Corona trip will take us there is certainly a calm in the world as people stop trying to kill each other.  Is this the stimulus that has finally led to Nations not lifting up arms against other Nations?

Let me know what you think or your social observations in the comments as we go thru this Corona crisis together.

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