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Election Day Again in Israel. Will The Politicians Finally Represent The Israeli Street?

Posted by Tie Dye Tzitzit Director Yitzchak Katzburg on

It’s that day again in Israel.  Election Day. Round 3.  The last two Knesset elections didn’t result in a coalition.  For one simple reason.  Not enough parties could agree to sit down together for a productive venture. (Running the country.)  Each group had its lines about who it would and would not sit with. And with all the exclusions, there were not enough parties left to form a coalition.  The End.  But they did it twice. Going into this third election, we hear the same rhetoric.

This attitude, which has domineered Israeli politics for years, simply does not reflect that energy and attitude found in the everyday citizens of Israel in our generation.  Sure, we have a full array of opinions in Israel. Two Jews, three opinions.  That should put us at right about 10 million opinions in Israel.  Everyone has a vision of how they would like the country to be further developed.  But if you look at what we have here in Israel now, you see Achdut- unity, in the streets. 

The world knows Israel as the Jewish State.  When the outside world is exposed to Israel and to the Jewish people, they see a whole unit.  This past year the world watched as Israel sprang into action when there was an earthquake in Albania.  In what has become a routine occurrence when there is a natural disaster anywhere in the world, Israel swoops in with the most proficient relief and rescue team in the world to help out and save lives.  When the inhabitants of the devastated areas meet the Israeli IDF Rescue teams, it may be their first exposure to Jews in their lifetime.  How do they view us?  I imagine that they see us as angels swooping down from the skies in planes, and bringing love, care, compassion, and competence.  That is their first view of the Jewish people.  They see a whole and it reflects on all of us.

Israel was in the world's eyes another time this past year as they attempted to land a spaceship on the moon.  The live feed from the inside of the Space IL mission control room focused on the group of scientists working together like a machine to bring their goal to fruition.  An observer from another nation probably only saw a collective room of Jews but a Jew might have noticed the diversity of Jews represented in the group of scientists and technitions working together to try to make history.

After 71 years since the creation of the State of Israel, on one more election day, one may take a look at what we have built here, as Am Yisroel as a whole.  And they would see a progressive modern state that was built by a collection of its citizens.  Those citizens each come from the four corners of the earth.  We have returned here and built a country through cooperation, and we have become a collection of its parts.  When we look at the Israeli street we see every kind of Jew.  When we look closely at any project in this country you see the diversity of our backgrounds.  When you look at the faces of the children in grade school classes you see every color of skin playing together.  This is what we have become, the Israeli Nation.   

There was a time, for a really long time, where the Jewish people were divided into groups and there was friction and strife between groups.  The events leading up to and at the beginning of the founding of Israel forced us to throw our differences aside and to work together to build a home.  This energy never left the people of Israel.  71 years later that energy, of cooperation and working together to further goals and projects, is the main energy that has brought us to where we are today.  It is what the world sees when they look at us objectively.  Internally we know there are still groups and diversity of opinion.  But the Israeli street has overlooked that to build something beautiful together. 

We are now at our third elections this year.  It would behoove the politicians to look at the Israeli public as a whole and see how we got here, the facts on the ground.  Israel was built with cooperation.  The small projects and enterprises that make up the sum of its parts are a collection of us.  All of us.  When an Israeli meets another Israeli on the street for the first time, if both people are cool on a personal level, there is a pleasant interaction between them regardless of their background.  Nobody cares where you came from in our generation. Nobody says “ew, I’m not sitting near you because you are_____type of Jew.” Israel was built by overcoming our differences by joining forces, joining powers and creative ideas.  Nothing was held back because of background.  We looked forward and pooled our talents together and we have become one of the most progressively developing countries.  

That is the energy on the Israeli Street.  Will the politicians who are supposed to represent us, please represent the flavor of Israel and how we got here. By not rejecting others off the bat only because of who they are or for their opinions.  The Israeli public works together to make this country run.  Will the ones who run the country please work together?

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