Tying Jews Together Through Tzitzit
“Showing Unity Within The Community”
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Help Us Tie Dye 613,000 Pairs Of Tzitzit!
30,000 and Going Strong Baruch H'

About us:

tdt5.jpgWe are a group of Jews introducing a fun way to wear Tzitzit.

Tzitzit means… I BELIEVE in G-d, and that is ALL.

It is NOT a sign that I keep all of these commandments... BUT that I BELIEVE IN G-D.…

The rest is up to ME and H-shem and its not my right to tell you HOW to serve G-d.

We are a group of Jews who want to tie all sects of Jews together as one, no matter how much COLOR is in your lifestyle.

TieDyeTzitzit is a program where Tzitzit are TieDye-colored in group settings such as schools, colleges, trip and tour groups, parties and parks.

Sponsor A TieDyeTzitzit Party

The TieDyeTzitzit are then given out Free to Jews of every background.

The idea behind the Tzitzit is to tie Jews together. People make the Tzitzit and then they are given as a present to another Jew, tying their Neshamos (souls) together. Anyone who has a hand in these Tzitzit, from donors to the people making them at the "TieDyeTzitzit parties" gets part of the mitzvah of the person wearing them.

Also, if someone involved with the TieDyeTzitzit in any way, by making them, donating them, tying the strings, giving them out, or having and wearing them then sees another Jew wearing TieDyeTzitzit, there is a spark of recognition and a bond made between the two, and the realization that we are brothers and one nation and it doesn’t matter what type of Jew we are.

The TieDyeTzitzit themselves are symbolic of this. They are handmade and no two are alike, yet at the same time they are all alike because they are all "TieDyeTzitzit". We Jews are like that. We are all unique individuals and no two of us are alike, yet we are all alike because we are one nation. And "Ahavas/t Yisrael" "Loving our fellow Jews" is what will bring Moshiach.

"Jews 'Yidden' are 12 Tribes/Shevotim yet ONE NATION :) . Taking away the uniqueness of our being to unite us is "Kilayim" NOT KEDUSHA!

It's when we each retain the uniqueness of the way HASHEM creates us, like, serving HASHEM with a Love like water, or, serving HASHEM with a zeal like fire, even though total opposites, we are able to UNITE AS ONE while remaining opposites, because, we are NOT about ourselves :) . We live in the realm of kedusha/holiness and mitzvos/t :) . We are shluchim/messengers of HASHEM doing the rahtzone/will of HASHEM :) . WE ARE ONE."

By Shalom Mordechai Halevi ben Rivkah Rubashkin

Over 30,000 pairs of TieDyeTzitzit have already been made and given out. Imagine wearing one, walking down the street with an army of well over 30,000 Jews behind you, holding hands. When a person is involved in the TieDyeTzitzit this is what is happening. You are attached to an army of Jews, soon bihezraht H-shem, to be all of Am Yisroel.

Harav Scheinberg ZT"L, Harav Chaim Pinchus ben Yusbah told us, in front of his gabbai, “THOSE TZITZIT ARE GOING TO BRING MOSHIACH!!!”

Harav Scheinberg's Tzitzit protected Am Yisroel like a Golden Cloak.

When asked he said those Tzitzit are Mehudar. He also said it's good to wear them so that all of H-shem's children will WANT to wear them.

He understood what they stood for RIGHT away, even at 100 YEARS old!

I asked him “Rebbe can you please wear a pair?” and he said “YES”!!!!

He said “BUT You have to go ask Harav Eliyashiv to wear a pair as well” He continued...” Tell him that “I AM TOO OLD to enter the POLITICAL arena alone”!

VERY Powerful words.

The LAST part of the story:

10 minutes after the Levaya [funeral] of Harav Scheinberg I got a phone call on my Home Phone Number.

I NEVER give out my home phone number.

It was on speaker since I am in a wheelchair and I needed my hands to move.

It was an 04 area code in Eretz Yisrael, from north near [C]haifa.

The person told me that they are calling from Haifa and that they are calling on behalf of the english-speaking MEKUBAL in Haifa and he wanted me to know that the Tzitzit that we are giving out are REPLACING the Zechusim that Harav Scheinberg was Giving to This World During His Lifetime!"

* * * * * If you would share this amazing story about Harav Scheinberg, I would really appreciate it. * * * * *

Please help us collect money for TieDyeTzitzit. Every dollar goes 100% toward this project. Anyone who donates will be tied into a huge network of Jews wearing and/or making TieDyeTzitzit and will get spiritual credit for mitzvot from every moment any Jew is wearing the Tzitzit and from every mitzva the Tzitzit causes a person to do, as it says in the Parsha (chapter) of Tzitzit (Bamidbar/Numbers 15:39) "that you may see it and remember all the commandments of Hashem and perform them."

When you donate 613 dollars that will pay for the production of 51 Tzitzit!

If 101 Jews wear Tzitzit in your Zechus there will be added in one year 18,432 gold coins on your side of the scale.

That is what they say at least.

ONE gold coin helps as well but we need to look at the Bigger Picture.

The revenues of returned Goodness through these 101
Tzitzit is 18,432 for the first year.

And that can GROW every year for MANY years!

The thing is that with this INVESTMENT…Your returns for ALL the Golden Coins gathered and collected will ONLY bring Goodness and Kindness closer to your Families.

613 dollars can do A LOT of Mitzvot.

Your fullest generosity will mean helping thousands of people fulfill this most important mitzva of Tzitzit.

Every $12 sponsors one pair of Tie Dye Tzitzit

A Registered 501(c)(3) NOT-FOR-PROFIT


Join the 613 Club, donate $613 to sponsor 51 pairs of
Tie Dye Tzitzit To Help Protect Our IDF TzaHaL Soldiers








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