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ezrs.jpgPlease join us in our campaign to honor the memory of Ezra Schwartz OB"M H'Y"D

He was an avid lover of Torah, as well as a big sports fan, and he had a big Love for Israel as well, as can be seen that he was brutally gunned down while in the midst of the mitzva of bringing food to our IDF soldiers.

We are continuing our campaign "
TieDyeTzitzit for Soldiers" which are $6.13 each, and now introducing a specially-designed sports Tzitzit created by Tamir Goodman (the Michael Jordan of the Jews) in honor and memory of Ezra Schwartz OB"M H'Y"D using the finest materials he could find, a cotton overlay over a dry fit material that helps keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

tdt9a.jpg (3497 bytes)These special edition sports Tzitzit are certified by the "Organized Kashrut Laboratories" "O-K" certification organization, and are $36 each.

tdt90.jpg (3295 bytes)Our goal is 12,000, representing 1,000 for each of the tribes of bnay Yisrael.


Please send an email to raphael1@tiedyetzitzit.com to specify size of Tzitzit and where they should be sent to.

For only $6.13, sponsor a pair of Tie Dye Tzitzit

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