Tying Jews Together Through Tzitzit
“Showing Unity Within The Community”

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Why Tie Dye Tzitzit?

We are JEWS interested in YOU! Every Soul has a Rainbow of colors. TieDyeTzitzit represent Unity! You do not have to be keeping ALL 613 commandments to be wearing Tie Dye Tzitzit! ALL it represents, is a Jewish Garment that identifies us as a Jew, AND I Am Proud To Be A JEW. We are all from different tribes...each One it's own color. H-shem, G-d is QUITE aware that we are all different shades, even within our own colors.

We all have many questions about how H-shem, G-d runs the world. As we learn in parshas Aikev, Moses, Moshe Rabbenu reminds us that we have been a very stiff necked people since he knew us (Devarim 9:13, 24, 27). Our job in this world is to enhance the spirituality and brotherhood amongst Jews. WE MUST show the other nations that we are truly the CHOSEN People of G-d. WE MUST LEARN TO REUNITE as a Nation.

Our True Job is to Love each Other as WE would want someone to Love us and Forgive us... for our sins. When I put on Tie Dyed Tzitzit, All I am Proclaiming is that I am Proud to be a Jew! And I Know there is a G-d and THAT is THAT! The Commandment of Tzitzit was purely given to us to remind us of the mitzvos and by extension, G-d Who commands us to fulfill them, including loving All of our fellow Jews FOR WHO THEY ARE.

Therefore, as long as I believe in G-d and I show Him Daily that I Believe in Him by putting on the
TieDyeTzitzit, it is really no one else's business how I choose to serve G-d. The Fulfillment of the Commandments is between ME and G-D. It is not Fair to measure or calculate which sin is greater than the other. WE ARE ALL HUMAN, AND G-D KNOWS THAT. Our Hope and daily prayer is that THIS project will bring the Moshiach, Messiah in our living days. We can all see the signs if we open our eyes a little Tad more. May we all be blessed with much health, much prosperity, and much compassion and understanding for one another.

It is time for US to Reunite, as a NATION…We ALL come from different tribes. Hashem is returning us from ALL 4 corners of the world! 12 Tribes ALL different Colors. It’s NOT about the outer garments!...The world is NOT black and white…it is FILLED with colors!

We are OVER THIRTY THOUSAND pairs of TZITZIT STRONG!!!!! Thanks to the help of MANY, MANY Jews, JUST like You!

Children are ASKING to wear Tzitzit not just because the parents tell them to, but because it’s FUN.

Help US, help YOU, bring Moshiach closer!

Chazal says that in the generation of Moshiach…Everyone WILL be wearing Tzitzit. NOW I can see how THAT is possible and NOT just a Dream!

One gold coin helps, BUT we need to look at the bigger picture as well.

$613 will pay for 51 pair of Tzitzit. 51 Jews wearing Tzitzit in your Zechus, there will be added 18,432 gold coins on your side of the scale, and that's ONLY for the first year.

The thing is that with this INVESTMENT…Your returns for ALL the Golden Coins gathered and collected will ONLY bring Goodness and Kindness closer to your Families.

613 dollars can do A LOT of Mitzvot.

Have a GREAT week!

The TieDyeTzitzit Team

For only $12, sponsor a pair of Tie Dye Tzitzit

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